Passionate love making may seem like a far off memory that only occurred for some when they were young teenagers full of unfulfilled sexual energy. Now, you’ve grown up. You’ve started a family and a career. You have other obligations to take care of. Your life may seem great until you realize that you can no longer have passionate love with your partner anymore. Here is some common passionate love making tips that almost any couple can use.

Passionate Love Making Tip #1: Surprise your significant other. If your wife is cooking breakfast one morning, come up behind her and slowly begin nibbling her earlobe. This sudden, unexpected affection can make your loving making experience as wonderful as ever. Women can do this too. If your husband is watching a sports event on TV, sit down beside him and begin rubbing his thigh slowly. He will quickly forget that it is second and three to go, and will turn his attention towards you.

Passionate Love Making Tip #2: Set the mood. Lighting scented candles around your bedroom can be a very easy way of setting the mood. Also, put on some passionate love music. Make a mix CD with you and your lovers favorite love tracks and play it on a loop. You don’t want to interrupt what you’re doing to go and change the disk. Bring in a bottle of champagne with two slim glasses. You can also bring fruit into the bedroom to help arouse partners. Apples and bananas typically don’t work. Try a bowl of cherries or chocolate covered strawberries. If you don’t have fruit on hand, try just plain chocolate, nature’s aphrodisiac.

Passionate Love Making Tip #3: Appreciate each other. You cannot have passionate sex with anyone that you cannot stand the sight of. Compliment your partner on a daily basis for little things. Men should tell women that they like their new hairstyle or pair of shoes. Women should tell men that they look good or that they have lost a few pounds off that fat tire. After all, who would want to sleep with someone if they are not sure if their partner is attracted to them?

Passionate Love Making Tip #4: Know when to have sex. As stated earlier, unexpected sex can be great but how do you jazz up guaranteed sex? Birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or even make up sex after a fight can be great love making experience. Some people decide to put of that set of intercourse for another day because of many reasons. Do not do that. If it’s your birthday, have sex that day. Don’t put it off. In fact, putting off a love making session only puts off pleasure.

Passionate love making can be achieved in these four easy steps. If these tips do not help you have more passionate love making, try something of your own. Don’t be afraid to ask around to family, friends and neighbors. They can be more helpful than you would think.

Here is a list of four very helpful tips on passionate love making and how any loving couple can achieve the feeling of euphoria they once felt for each other.